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absalon abSampo Kit

absalon abSampo Kit

Going out with abSalon in mini-sized

Mini-sized of abSalon fragrance that can also be used as a mask spray, a hand gel formulating more than 60vol% alcohol, and a balm with a thick texture. “Pake®” original zipper bag is a mini kit of items that would be convenient to carry around.
The sustainable package that can be reused after use.
*The hand gel formulated a high concentration of alcohol. Please refrain from using this product if you are sensitive to alcohol.


A hint of smoky herbal scent appearing from a crisp clear sky.
The fragrant patchouli brings a feeling of relaxing nostalgia.
On a night you wish to dive into a calm deep sleep.


Flowers, fruits, and herbs creating colorful, but yet a gentle aroma in the air.
Sandalwood induces blissfulness, helps boost your energy levels.
On a night ready to welcome tomorrow.


Imagine taking a deep breath in a Nordic forest.
Woody notes centered around cypress and cedar freshly cleanses your mind, body and soul.
A perfect night sleep with a soothing feeling.

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